What does the term " approval letter" mean?

In order to get visa stamp at Vietnam airports, first of all you have to have approval letter. It is so important.

Approval letter is a special document which is issued by Vietnam Immigration Department in Vietnam. You are permitted to enter Vietnam completely legally with the approval letter.

Obtaining the approval letter means that your information and arrival have been approved and posted in the smart system in Vietnam Immigration Department and Vietnam International airports.

The purpose of visa on arrival is offering the convenience to foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam. So you just print off the approval letter in black and white copy to board the plane and get visa stamp at Vietnam airports. The officer there will check your information in the approval letter that is as same as in the smart system.

It is important to remember that you have to check carefully as receiving approval letter which we sent you via mail. If you find out the mistake on it you have to inform us immediately to correct it.

Normally the approval letter will be sent within 2 working days. However it also be sent in 6 or 4 hours eventually in 30 minutes according to your request.

Please click Send the visa form online to start to apply visa on arrival. After receiving your visa request, we will lodge your application in Vietnam Immigration Department right away.