Need a single or multiple entries visa?

We would like to inform you that Visa on arrival is available at the airport only. Therefore your visa must be picked up at Vietnam International Airports when you arrive.

Please consider our advice as below to decide single or multiple entries visa.

- A single entry visa allows you enter/ exit Vietnam only one time in the visa's valid period. It is also called visa with single use. Once your single entry visa is used, you can not enter again Vietnam with this used visa. You must apply a new one if you wish to come back Vietnam again.

- A multiple entries visa allows you enter / exit Vietnam many times as long as your visa still valid. Your multiple entries visa must be picked at the Vietnam airport in the first entry. Once the multiple etry visa stamp is available on your passport, you can enter or exit Vietnam whenever you want in any Vietnam International airports.

Anybody can apply visa to Vietnam with Vietnam tourist visa or Vietnam Business visa. The purpose to enter Vietnam is not important. With the business visa you can travel Vietnam normally.

In conclusion, we go suggest that you should make a travelling plan carefully before applying visa on arrival.